Meet Kyle Csortos, Children’s Book Illustrator

Meet Kyle Csortos, Children’s Book Illustrator

You may not be aware that Weaving Influence provides book production services including copy editing, typesetting, interior and cover design, paperback book publication through Kindle Direct Publishing, conversion to ebook, and hardcover production.

We are always looking for opportunities to provide you with fresh, up-to-date services. Enter Kyle Csortos, a graphic designer based in northern Ohio, who specializes in illustrating children’s books. We were introduced to him recently and spent some time chatting with him to learn more more about his work.

Meet Kyle Csortos

Q. How long have you been illustrating, and do you only illustrate children’s books?

A. I have been illustrating my whole life, but I have been doing it professionally for 4 years. Besides illustrating children’s books and covers for authors, I also illustrate people’s pets and homes.

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Q. Can you share examples of books you have worked on in the past that are now published?

A. Of course! Here is a link to my website that shows the books I have done that are published on Amazon:

Q. Is your fee all up front or do you also work on commission (meaning, based on how many books are sold)?

A. I have done both ways, and I find that doing a fee pricing that they pay throughout the process works a bit better. Especially if they aren’t looking to sell a lot of books and just wanted to create a book for a grandchild, etc. But if I know they are going to put the time and marketing in the selling of the book I will also do commission on royalties, it just all depends.

Q. Do you work for yourself? And if so, where do you do most of your work (home, office, coffee shop)?

A. I do work for myself. I work out of my home in my office.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

A. What I enjoy most about the work I do is that I get to be creative. I am able to create things out of a story or an idea people have and make it something people can see and get an emotion from. Sparking joy and happiness in someone is something I love to do.

Q. Have you ever written and illustrated your own book?

A. I have actually! I am just finishing up my first book I have written and illustrated. It is called Scaredy Bat. It is a story about a bat named Benji that has trouble seeing in the dark and gets afraid easily because of it. This book teaches kids about bullies, bravery, and bats.

Q. How did you become connected to Weaving Influence?

A. I became connected with Weaving Influence through a business connection. He is a business coach named Ernie Lewis. I was talking about my upcoming book and he mentioned I should get in contact with Becky Robinson from Weaving Influence. So I did and I am grateful that I reached out.

Thanks for chatting with us, Kyle!

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