Today’s business arena is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, equivalent in impact to the Industrial Revolution. While most traditional companies are still built for the old-world economy, where variables could be measured, predicted and controlled, the companies that thrive today enter the market with a new approach.

This week’s book launch unveils a groundbreaking, science-based approach to leadership that generates radical innovation for dramatic and permanent results.

The New Science of Radical Innovation

Today, businesses must strive for radical innovation – game-changing practices that bring about stunning advances and financial gain – and redefine industry dynamics. While many managers, directors, and executives are paralyzed by the new economy, the leaders of successful organizations must harness intricacies to win a breakthrough concept that will shape leadership theories and practices in the coming decade. Businesses that don’t adapt to the new fast-paced, unpredictable business environment could become irrelevant overnight.

Based on years of solid neuroscience, quantum mechanics, complex systems theory, social science, and leadership research, The New Science of Radical Innovation demonstrates the ins and outs of the leadership competencies you need to jump-start and sustain radical innovation in your organization, leading to success and the results you want. You will discover how to master self-management, creating safety, strengthening differentiation, providing connection, stimulating learning, and producing radical innovation.

Meet the Author

Dr. Sunnie Giles is a new generation expert on radical innovation who takes the mystery out of what radical innovation is and how to consistently produce it. Her new book, The Science of Radical Innovation: The Six Competencies Leaders Need to Win in a Complex World, has strong endorsements from prominent thought leaders such as Jonathan Rosenberg, Daniel Pink, Marshall Goldsmith, and Sean Covey.

Her research suggests that applying concepts from neuroscience, complex systems approach, and quantum mechanics can help leaders produce radical innovation. Based on this research, she developed a breakthrough leadership development program called Quantum Leadership, a new type of leadership is what is required to survive in the age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), with huge consequences to the bottom line for organizations.

Dr. Sunnie’s experience as a former executive with Accenture, IBM, and Samsung elevates her ability to apply these concepts to real-life situations in leadership development. Her unique methodology has helped many leaders permanently change how they catalyze a certain type of learning and achieve radical innovation on both individual and organizational levels.

Praise from Readers Like You

“Most of what is in this book will not be found in MBA school. Most of it is not understood by business owners, or even experienced leaders. Much of it is counter to human nature. Sunnie’s professional and research background bring a new perspective to businesses wanting to “know what they don’t know” and innovate to the next level.”
—Adam Boyle, 5-star Amazon review

“Necessarily, this book is sometimes academic, sometimes personal, but also insightful and worthy of reflection. It is meant to be disruptive — to challenge many long-held beliefs and push individuals and leaders to let go of old models, beliefs, and limiting behaviors. Be prepared to read it more than once, with plenty of dog-eared pages to mark the wealth of ideas you’ll be returning to time and time again.”
—P. Clark, 5-star Amazon review

“Deconstructing the actual practices behind the breakthrough success of tech companies, The New Science of Radical Innovation provides a useful handbook for the leader of small teams and large organizations. Demystifying disruptive innovation, the text provides strategies to create an environment that can consistently produce innovation. Highly actionable and thoughtfully presented for those who want to do more than leave innovation to chance.”
—S. Sones, 5-star Amazon review

“A combination of real world examples and science makes a convincing case for why leadership into today’s fast-moving society needs to be different to be effective. This book will leave you thinking about a lot of things, including how Brexit happened.”
—Cameo, 5-star Amazon review

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