Scary + Lonely = On the Right Track

Scary + Lonely = On the Right Track

This week marks the launch of Whitney Johnson’s latest book, Disrupt Yourself. I am especially invested in this book because Whitney Johnson has been an important friend and mentor in my life.

When Jesse Lyn Stoner introduced us in late 2011, I had no idea that my saying yes to Whitney as a book marketing consulting client would catapult me to the career growth and success I’m currently enjoying.

That one yes to Whitney as a client led to more yeses to other clients. Because of my work with Whitney, I hired my first subcontractor and began to build a team. My yes to Whitney led me to leap from the comfort of a steady, guaranteed paycheck to an unknown future as an entrepreneur.

With her encouragement, and support from a host of others, I started a journey that continually brings me (and others) joy and blessing. I am so grateful.

There have been days when this journey has been scary and lonely.

But the journey has been less scary and less lonely because I’ve had Whitney’s voice in my head, normalizing the experience.

The good news is that because Whitney has now codified her wisdom and insights in her latest book, anyone can now have her wise, helpful advice readily available. If you are willing to take a leap with your life and career, you need her words in your head to push you off the ledge, or pull you back. You need her reminder that showing up is the most important metric of all. You need to hear her comfort that if it’s scary and lonely, you are certainly on the right track.

I hope you’ll take a moment, today, to order or review Whitney’s book

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  • Scary and lonely are definitely the watchwords of disruption. Bravo for taking the leap and having the courage to listen to your intuition say “yes”.

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