Sprinkled with Magic

Sprinkled with Magic

In line for The Barnstormer, one of Disney World’s kiddie coasters, my daughters and I wondered how we would get onto the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. We missed our chance for a 20 minute wait during magic hours. We didn’t have a Fast Pass. And the ride had been closed for a few hours for maintenance.

While waiting, I started chatting up the ride attendant, who pulled us out of line and started making phone calls to find out when the ride would reopen.

Then she handed us a certificate — in effect, giving us a free Fast Pass.

We experienced a magical moment.

The next day, while shopping outside the gates of Hollywood Studios, my daughters asked the cast member to trade pins — their first trade. Instead of merely trading pin for pin, the cast member offered the girls a choice of an extra pin.

Another magical moment.

Then while my youngest daughter Maggie and I waited for the older girls as they enjoyed an attraction, a crew member who had noticed Maggie’s patience gave her a special pin.

Even other guests sprinkled our Disney experience with magic.

While waiting for a funnel cake, a man behind us in line mentioned he had free snacks to use up from his Disney meal plan. He then bought the girls and me THREE funnel cakes, which we ducked out of the drizzling rain to enjoy.

We expect magic moments at a place aptly named The Magic Kingdom. The latest book from Chip Bell posits that any company can create loyal customers by sprinkling everyday service with magical special touches.

You don’t have to be Disney to sprinkle service with unique surprises to make your customers smile.

Chip’s book is filled with stories, examples, and recommendations for innovating customer service. If you haven’t yet read it, I encourage you to order your copy today.

A sneak preview: the book is absolutely beautiful and colorful. This is one time that I’d encourage you to buy the print edition instead of Kindle. It would also make a fantastic gift for every member of your team!


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  • Becky – I loved this post. 🙂 It sounds like you did, indeed, have a trip that was SPRINKLED with good memories, and even better customer service. What fun for you and the girls. I’m sure Chip would approve. 🙂

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