Mood swings. We all experience them from time to time, whether as a result of fluctuating hormones or changes in circumstance or fluctuating energy levels. But what if we could learn to level out those swings, and keep ourselves at the upper end of things? What if you knew how to control your moods despite the harsh rumors at work, discouraging news headlines, disagreements with family, or other undesired turns of events?

Think of your moods like an elevator, and you’ll quickly recognize that you ride up and down it every single day, sometimes more than once. That’s normal, right? But it doesn’t have to be! As the author of today’s book points out: “There may be events that stimulate our thoughts, but it is the thoughts that determine our moods.” We can learn to control our mood swings by controlling our thoughts — no matter what’s happening around us — and enjoy a nice long stay at the top levels of the Mood Elevator.

Discover ‘The Mood Elevator’

We all ride the Mood Elevator up and down every day. How well we do it impacts our relationship, our personal effectiveness, our career, and our experience of life. Most people take that ride for granted and don’t think it can be influenced. But what if we knew the right buttons to push to move to the top of the Mood Elevator? Wouldn’t it be useful if there were proven ways to make visits to the lower floors less frequent and less intense?

In this very practical guide, Larry Senn provides an operating manual to keep you out of the emotional basement. He shows how to recognize when you’ve become so accustomed to being stuck on a lower floor – worried, stressed, anxious, and judgmental – you don’t even realize it, and what to do to interrupt those negative thought patterns and start going up again. He urges us to cultivate mental attitudes like curiosity and gratitude that will keep us on the higher floors, and explains how to quiet the mind and nurture positive thoughts without succumbing to Pollyanna-ish denial. And as someone who took up triathlons at the age of seventy, he speaks from experience when he emphasizes the inseparable connection between physical health and mental health.

Meet Larry Senn

Dr. Larry Senn is the founder of Senn Delaney, the culture shaping unit of Heidrick & Struggles. He has been referred to in business journals as the father of corporate culture, based on his pioneering research on organizational culture. Senn Delaney has worked with over 100 Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams, university presidents, state governors, and members of U.S. presidential cabinets.

Larry’s personal purpose is to help an ever-widening number of people live life at their best mentally, emotionally, physically, and purposefully. The Mood Elevator is one tool he has created to make that a reality for tens of thousands of people. Larry is a culture consultant, highly-rated conference presenter, and author. His earlier books include the best-selling book Winning Teams, Winning Cultures and 21st Century Leadership.

What People Are Saying

“I am impressed by the proof that Larry Senn presented in how mood changes thoughts on a personal level and culture on a corporate level. Whether you want to improve your outlook and behaviors in your life or improve what happens at work, this book will teach you. These sixteen chapters make sense, especially in these turbulent times.
— Jane Anderson, 5-star Amazon review

“This small book packs a whole lot of punch. It strengthened my ability to learn how to stop, breathe, and trace my thoughts. Mindfulness is a new found path for me, and this book helps me continue to follow it.
— Patricia Lomelin, 5-star Amazon review

“The value of ‘The Mood Elevator’ is not just in bringing new ideas to the attention of us all … it’s in the comprehensive and engaging packaging of that information. The author has a conversational style, well seasoned with real-life examples (sometimes using himself), and a nice way of wrapping each section up and tying it to the others.
— John Smith, 5-star Amazon review

“Larry Senn uses scientific research, personal experience, and effective anecdotes to help readers find their own path to understanding what moods mean and how to be in control of them. Not a positive thinking book, ‘The Mood Elevator’ offers real, useable information that everyone can benefit from. It’s logically laid out, the right kind of challenging, and worth reading a second time.
— Dawn-Marie, 5-star Amazon review

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