The Influence Effect

Women hold over half of all professional jobs today, yet they represent just 4 percent of CEOs in the S&P 500. Even worse, that percentage has barely budged in a decade. In every industry, from private equity investing to network television, women are under-represented in leadership and paid less than men for the same work.

That’s where The Influence Effect comes in. Based on recent research by the authors of the New York Times bestseller Break Your Own Rules, this book begins with the premise that what works for men at work won’t work for women. Packed with new executive coaching techniques and the authors’ “Big Five” strategies designed specifically for female executives, this book guides women to break past political barriers and get right to what they really want—influence.

Authors Kathryn Heath, Jill Flynn, Mary Davis Holt, and Diana Faison make success far less complex, helping women overcome entrenched resistance to their ideas, create their own access points to power, and attract followers in a way that works for them. They present tools such as Influence Loops (to organically increase influence), Personal Scaffolding (to grow a groundswell of support), and Scenario Thinking (a savvy twist on strategic planning). These and other smart strategies finally allow women to succeed on their own terms.

Illustrated with dozens of engaging, real stories culled from the authors’ many years of coaching experience, The Influence Effect moves women past the politics problem and offers a new path to power. Actually, it’s more than a path—it’s a runway—it frees women to take off in their careers on their own terms. The Influence Effect will work for women, not because gender barriers will no longer exist, but because they will no longer hold women back.

Meet the Authors

Kathryn Heath, Ph.D., is a founding partner at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership. She serves as a developer of leadership programs, coach, and training designer. One of the hallmarks of Kathryn’s work is addressing organizations’ specific business targets through customized programs that move women forward faster.

Jill Flynn, M.Ed., is a founding partner at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership. She specializes in partnering with corporate clients to design and implement tailored strategies that result in higher retention and promotion rates for their women leaders. Jill is widely recognized for her coaching, training, and consulting expertise, and has a roster of happy clients.

Diana Faison, M. Ed., is a partner at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership with over twenty years of expertise in the fields of leadership training, executive coaching, and performance consulting. Her passion for empowering the next generation of female leaders has led her to coach and design programs targeted toward millennials.

Mary Davis Holt, MBA, is a senior consultant at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership. She is an executive coach and keynote speaker on business, women, and leadership. As an in-demand voice, Mary shares her hard-won insights and promotes FHHL’s new rules for success to a wide range of audiences.

Praise for the Book

The Influence Effect includes dozens of engaging, real stories that come from the authors’ many years of coaching experiences, and will move women past the politics and enable women everywhere break through barriers to advancement to offer a new path to power on their own terms.”
—Leslie, 5-star Amazon review

“The path to greatness is not a Machiavellian route of power; it is a trail of astute influence. And influence comes best from a confident, authentic spirit; a focused zeal to make a difference; and the wisdom of a set of strategies. The Influence Effect delivers all three.”
—Chip R. Bell, 5-star Amazon review

“This is a powerful book that will keep you from limiting yourself with old ideas. The book is very readable, easy to take to heart, and you’ll be applying what you learn days after you start reading it. I’m 71 years old. I’ve been around quite a few power players. Yes, I’m a man. But believe me anyway and GET THIS BOOK.”
—R. McConaughy, 5-star Amazon review

The Influence Effect is like having a personal career coach by your side. It equips you with practical ideas, sparks “lightbulb” moments through storytelling and relatable examples and leaves you inspired to make a difference.”
—sk, 5-star Amazon review

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