Why is running a business so difficult? From putting out fires to dealing with miscommunications, email overload, and too many unproductive meetings, it’s a good way to feel like you’re running around in circles. The good news is, change is possible — and the author of this week’s featured book can help you get there.

Transform Your Company

Bring your business into focus. Whether you own this company, lead it, or work in it—it’s YOUR COMPANY! Your financial and emotional health are linked to how functional, or dysfunctional, your company is.

Discover the hidden force pulling companies into dysfunction, and creating frustration. Learn how to implement straightforward tools to identify and remove the real source of your pain. Eliminate the most common behavior that keeps a company from becoming an unstoppable force. Your company starts with you and your immediate team. You can replace the daily grind of fighting frustration with achieving desired outcomes that provide a source of energy.

Transform Your Company reveals critical steps and business alignment tools that will show you what to do when your company is sucking the life out of you. Finally, you can have the company you’ve always envisioned—one that works for you!

Meet the Author

Praise from Readers Like You

“Written with humor, personal insights and clarity, this book would be a valuable tool for business and organization leaders. Fantastic book!”
— David Lee, 5-star Amazon review

“Vorobieff shows us a simple model to help business leaders on this journey to alignment by helping readers define their organization’s unique place to begin, the best alignment tools for different situations, and how to choose the best tool for each. This is an enjoyable read that gets to the point and makes things very practical.”
— Neal Woodson, 5-star Amazon review

This book is insightful — clear and concise — allows an entrepreneur to get clarity on a subject ‘that there is no book for’ (except this one).”
— Amit Kothari, 5-star Amazon review

“Fast growing entrepreneurial companies often face challenges that can slow, hinder or stop growth. This book offers numerous strategies and tactics to help you face those challenges head on. I’m listening to the Audible version for the 2nd time because it contains so much information. A great read.”
— Edward, 5-star Amazon review

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