Many leaders are using outdated practices to engage and motivate their people — and they’re failing miserably! They are hindered by blind spots in various areas, unable to see the best way to lead their people and run their organizations. Are you one of them?

This week, we’re excited to launch a book that will help you uncover your blind spots and reset your leadership approach for long-lasting success in any business. It offers a proven framework for increasing organizational innovation, productivity, and creativity to help people find real purpose in their work.

What Are Your Blind Spots?

Far too many business leaders today are using outdated practices to engage and motivate their people — and they’re failing miserably. Truly resilient, thriving organizations are those that are purpose driven and focus on more than pure profits. Purpose, or an underlying company philosophy, not only drives strategic change, but also encourages customer loyalty and employee engagement. In order to succeed, leaders must be willing to discard old ways of thinking and detrimental business habits — and recognize their blind spots.

Authors Jim Haudan and Rich Berens identify the five most common leadership blind spots that hamper success: Purpose, Story, Engagement, Trust, and Truth. They take you straight into the boardroom of well-known leadership teams to illustrate how these blind spots play out and the impact they have on organizations. You’ll learn how to identify and overcome your own blind spots and embrace positive, forward-thinking new practices.

What Are Your Blind Spots? equips you with the tools needed for a personal leadership reset. You’ll discover how to increase engagement, productivity, and growth in your own organization. This is an invaluable guide for executives, managers, team leaders, and human resource professionals looking for an effective way to engage and motivate employees at every level of an organization.

Meet the Authors

Jim Haudan is Co-Founder and Chairman of Root Inc., a best-selling author, and a sought-after business presenter. For more than 20 years, he has been helping organizations unleash hidden potential by fully engaging their people to deliver on the strategies of the business. With his background as a coach, it’s not a stretch that the company Jim co-founded focuses on tapping employees’ discretionary efforts — the kind that produces winning results.

As an organizational change expert, Jim believes that business results don’t come from creating a great strategy, but by meaningfully connecting it to all of the people in the company to bring it to life. He helps companies create leadership alignment, execute strategies and change successfully, build employee engagement, and transform businesses. He is a sought-after business presenter who has spoken at TEDx BGSU, Tampa TEDx, and The Conference Board events.

Rich Berens is CEO and Chief Client Fanatic of Root Inc., and a noted speaker on the issues of strategy and change. For over 10 years, Rich has had the opportunity to lead Root and its artists, designers, researchers, programmers, and MBAs in creating breakthrough approaches to change that have reached millions of people around the world. Under his leadership, Root has been listed among the Great Place to Work® Institute’s top 25 places to work, named to the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list, and experienced 10 years of consecutive growth.

Rich is a frequent author, thought leader, and speaker on the subject of leadership, transformation, and how to create lasting change. He has personally worked with dozens of Global 2000 organizations, including Hilton, Verizon, Masco, Petco, Procter & Gamble, Daimler, and many others to help align leaders and drive strategic and cultural change at scale. He has also authored articles for numerous publications and blogs.

Praise from Readers Like You

“This book is brief and accessible for all readers who are eager to improve their effectiveness in leadership and performance. . . . [it] brings about awareness and insights and also can inspire simple changes that will be impactful to organizations.”
— Craig Stephans, 5-star Amazon review

“This book does a great job helping you see how you can identify and improve on them. Recommend for anyone at any level of leadership as it is never to early to start working on being a better you for your team.
— Amy Dru, 5-star Amazon review

“The book is full of not only ideas but excellent examples of each blind spot in businesses the authors had worked with. The assessment and recap in the final chapter alone are worth the price of the book.”
— David Hackler, 5-star Amazon review

“The only people who won’t find something helpful here are those who don’t think they have any blind spots.”
— Joe Graham, 5-star Amazon review

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