“What will it take for me to claim my own freedom and create an organization of my own choosing?” Peter Block, Stewardship. What will it take?

It will take commitment to do the work, every day, delivering on commitments and fulfilling promises.

“I can be of real service only when I take responsibility for all my actions, which is the only safety I have, and when the choices I make are mine.” Peter Block, Stewardship.

It will take the support of a team.

“We need each other for a thousand reasons, both emotional and practical.” Peter Block, Stewardship.

It will take a community of people who are committed to each other.

“The intent of community is to have all of us committed to each other’s success. We come together to support each other in living out our values.”  Peter Block, Stewardship.

It will require an attitude of service, which is an act of faith.

“Stewardship thrives on the question ‘Who are we here to serve?’ The choice for service begins with an act of faith.” Peter Block, Stewardship.

It will require that we share the load.

“Carrying the weight of an organization is not something unique to those at the top. People at the middle and the bottom also carry their load.” Peter Block, Stewardship.

It will require that we are motivated by a value deeper than financial compensation.

“Anyone who says they work just for the money has given up the hope that anything more is possible.” Peter Block, Stewardship.

It will take a belief in others and their best intentions.

“Stewardship trusts that each one of us wants to know, and by and large does know, how we are doing. And that each of us wants to get better.”  Peter Block, Stewardship.

I’m inspired today, by these quotes from Peter Block’s book, and motivated to serve where I am, with the organization I am creating with the incredible people who have joined me in the work.

I hope you’ll check out the book this week and sign up to learn from Peter Block, Steve Piersanti, and Meg Wheatley at our upcoming webinar.