Podcasts have quickly outpaced blogs as the most powerful way to share content right now. According to the New York Times, one in three Americans listen to at least one podcast each month. That’s a sizable audience. 

If you’ve been thinking about launching a podcast, we believe there is no better time than now to begin. Why now? Because it’s a positive investment of time and energy during difficult circumstances, an investment that can pay off in future growth and work opportunities. 

We believe in the power of podcasts so much, we recently launched our own: the Book Marketing Action Podcast. Here are a few pros and cons we considered when deciding to launch our podcast. 


There is a lot of competition. True, but there’s a lot of competition on any platform. The key is to create a podcast focused on your core audience, and forget about being everything to everyone. There is great opportunity for niche podcasts.

Podcast downloads are dropping. According to Podtrac, downloads are down 10% since March 9, and unique listeners dropped 20%. That’s likely because a majority of podcast listening happens in the car or during exercise. We believe this dip is an opportunity to soft-launch a new podcast, or go bold and capture those who are still listening. These podcasts are new and taking the bold approach.


You have time to focus on a podcast. Many business and leadership experts have more time right now to focus on projects that have been on the back burner. Podcasts are powerful examples of your work and presentation—and could lead to future conference, speaking, and consulting opportunities.

80% of listeners are STILL tuning in. While listening has dropped, the majority of podcast listeners are still tuning in!

Record now, launch later. We recommend recording 4-8 podcasts in advance of launch. Even if you choose to launch a podcast in the fall or later, now is a great time to brainstorm a title, find source music, create intros and outros, and record your first shows. Preparation is the foundation of success!

Guests are available! It can be a challenge to book guests, but many of the people you would like to invite to participate on your show are also finding themselves with extra time. They are likely eager to be a podcast guest to share their work, and support yours.

It’s not expensive. We are in very uncertain times, and it’s wise to be careful with investments. However, we believe a podcast is an investment in your future success. Launching a podcast can be done with a modest spend for technology and support.  

We believe in seizing opportunity, even during very uncertain times. Podcasts are a clear opportunity with strong potential for the future!

If you are interested in learning more about getting started or would like to know how we can support you, contact us to learn more about our podcast packages.