In 2012, my company has launched 7 books so far. (6 for other authors, one for me.)

Through the experience of each launch, we’re learning ways to serve our clients more effectively. Although our process is similar for each launch, we are refining through trial and error. We’re finding out what works best, and discovering new tools to enhance our work.

And, can I tell you? I really love launching books!

Here are 7 lessons we’ve learned through 7 book launches:

  1. A Strong Team is Essential. Part of the reason we are successful in what we do is that our network of influencers generously shares in promoting our authors. I am grateful for every member of Team Buzz Builder and the ways they get involved in creating buzz for each book launch. (Not a member? Join now!)
  2. Each author measures success differently. What does a successful book launch look like? Well, it depends on your goals. Do you want to sell a lot of books? Generate new business? Build new relationships? Each author defines goals and describes what success looks like, and we craft our campaigns to align to their goals.
  3. Book launches are exciting for everyone. Amy, the new team member who posted here yesterday, seems to have quickly realized one of the side benefits of this job: the joy and excitement of seeing our authors shine. Last night, with enthusiasm that resonates with my own, Amy posted on her Facebook page about the thrill of seeing our author and his book rise on Amazon. It never gets old, folks!
  4. Launching a book requires faith. We need faith in our authors and the importance of their messages, and faith in our process and its efficacy. We pour a lot of planning and preparation into each launch. We do it because we believe that our methods make a difference, and because we believe in the content we’re sharing. But when I wake up on the morning of a launch, a moment of doubt creeps in. Even when I know we have done everything we can, I have this moment when I wonder… will it all come together? Will it work?
  5. There is more than enough. At the beginning, I worried that people might tire of hearing about the books and authors we’re promoting. Maybe that could happen, but here’s what I believe: there is more than enough. More than enough interest, more than enough attention, more than enough energy. People are always ready to read new books and new ideas, especially great ones. There is an audience for each author, and it’s our job to connect each author to their audience.
  6. People respond to simple, straightforward asks.  I’m noticing that people want to get involved in supporting authors, and simple asks and requests can help. I adored this post from Nilofer Merchant because she so clearly articulates what people can do to support authors. As we have refined our process, we have gotten better at making simple requests.
  7. We have more to learn. How will our process be different in six months? I’m not sure. We will keep iterating for as long as we serve authors, because how people use social media is changing, how people respond will keep changing. We’ll keep doing what works, and experiment with new tools and processes.

I hope you’ll check out our team’s latest launch, Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream by Steve Van Remortel. This book has solid advice for business owners who want to plan to profit by differentiating their businesses through strategy and talent.

Tell me something! What’s the best book you’ve read this year?