Today’s tip is helpful at the very beginning stages of dreaming of writing, or of actually writing, a book. Unless you are fortunate enough to own your name as a dot com URL (nope, is not me), and unless you plan to have one author website for multiple books, you may want to have a dedicated website for each book you plan to write.

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Your website is your home online, the center of your social media strategy. So as you begin to plan for writing/publishing books, you’ll want to think strategically about how you want to position yourself online for marketing your books. I’ve worked with authors who develop new web properties for every book they publish, and I’ve worked with others who choose to centralize their web presence to one website — and they they use the one website as a hub for all their books, with separate web pages for each book.

It’s a question of time, energy, attention — and money.

Do you have time, energy, and focus to create content for and market multiple websites?

Do you have money to develop and host multiple websites?

Do you view a website (and the marketing for each book) as forever investments? Or would you develop and provide content to a website for a limited amount of time during a book promotion?

If you do not own a URL or if you envision a different website for each book you write, one of the first things you’ll want to do when you think of a book idea is rush to your favorite hosting service/domain registrar, and buy a URL to match your idea (make it a dot com). This is a small but important investment in the future of your book marketing.

Tell me something! Do you buy URLs the way some people buy shoes? Are you a fan of one website to market multiple books, or do you prefer individual book websites?