One great way to create buzz for your book during launch week and beyond is to secure guest blog post opportunities on relevant blog sites.

In our work with clients, we work to place as many guest posts as possible to extend the reach of each author’s message.

An author who has amassed a healthy archives of blog posts on their own sites can sometimes re-purpose previously published, relevant content for use as guest posts during a book launch.

But many first-time authors have not invested time in blogging prior to the commencement of their book marketing efforts. These authors are not likely to have content from the past to re-purpose.

Because many bloggers require original, never-published-before content, some authors struggle to fill all the requests.

For this reason, I recommend that bloggers start writing content far in advance of their launches, stockpiling content for the launch.

This can be challenging, as authors are busy keeping content on their own sites, running their own businesses, preparing other marketing content, or publishing articles in journals.

Knowing and planning in advance are helpful. Consider this: if you know your publication 6 months in advance, and if you set aside one hour per week each week leading up to the launch of your book, you could potentially have 24 guest blog articles written before your launch.

Exposure on 24 blogs, with helpful content showcasing your expertise, would be a helpful boost to any book launch.

Tell me something! Do you have any other ideas about how authors could prepare in advance for their book launches?