Generating quality, engaging content is taxing. We’re often racing against the clock, strapped with deadlines, or simply lacking creative energy. But in the world of digital marketing, keeping your personal or company’s online persona ever-present is imperative.

The first step to saving time and energy with content marketing is to create a content library — an organized list of topics you’ve covered and blogs/articles you’ve written. You can re-purpose legacy content into something fresh and imaginative to share. Content library creation is divided into three key steps: capture, organize, and re-purpose.

But if you’ve been blogging for years, capturing this content can take hours! Well, our team has created a tool called the Content Library Automator. The tool will generate a Google Spreadsheet containing an organized catalog of every blog post from your WordPress blog, including title, author, category, and link. You can easily sort this information to quickly get a snapshot of the breadth of content you’ve created. The tool also creates five templated social media posts for each blog post to highlight your archived content and quarterly updates to your library.

Content Library Automator

From there, you can sort the spreadsheet according to key themes you’ve written about, easily find posts on relevant topics, and reshape your content into new media articles, videos, graphics, and more. If you are looking for content for a new ebook, ideas for an upcoming newsletter, or topics for a keynote or webinar – your content library will store all the inspiration you need.

Streamline your efforts by effectively repurposing the valuable content you’ve already created.

Here are 3 ways a content library will benefit you:

  • You’ll use your marketing time to creatively infuse new life into your previously created content.
  • You’ll expose your audience to content with a fresh spin that’s been virtually hidden in your blog archives.
  • You’ll be inspired to explore sharing content through new social media features, like IG TV or Facebook live.

Are you making the most of your legacy blogs and articles? Explore the Content Library Automator to jumpstart your legacy content into new, innovative resources for your audience.