How often do you need to re-design your website? It’s a big decision—one that no business takes lightly. A new website requires significant investment of time, money, and resources.

Considering how fast and frequently technology changes, a website rarely stays fresh and engaging for more than three years. Besides simply aging out, there are a few major reasons to consider a website overhaul:

  • Your organization wants to overhaul their content. Often, what are perceived to be “minor” changes in content are often so extensive that a new website designed specifically for that content may be the better option.
  • Your organization is going through a re-brand. Perhaps your company got acquired or acquired another company, or you have decided to change the name, colors, logo, etc. Any dramatic change to the core business may be a good reason to consider a new website.
  • The website does not reflect the organization. Weaving Influence recently went through this when we realized that our website no longer represented the cutting-edge digital marketing knowledge we possessed. We designed a new website and updated our branding so our website and brand represent the best of what we can do.
  • The functionality of the website is not working effectively. You may have a theme that has expired and no longer updates, or perhaps your website is not mobile responsive. If your website is not able to perform the technical functions you need, a new website designed and developed to fit your needs may be your only option.

Figure Out What’s Right for You, Right Now

If your website is still fulfilling most of your needs, you may not need a full re-design. If the branding, functionality, and overall look of the site is still appealing to the majority of your customers, you may just need to do a content refresh. Make sure all of the information on your site, including phone numbers, emails, social media accounts, bios, etc., is up to date. Spice up your copy a bit, especially on the home page.

A Good Website is an Investment

Deciding whether you need a new website requires stepping out of your comfort zone to consider how your potential customers view you, and how you want them to view you. Ask yourself: “If my ideal customer came to my website, would they be blown away by my design, content, and branding?”

The way your website looks and functions can directly impact the success of your business. No matter how much experience you have, if your website looks out-of-date or unprofessional, potential customers could quickly assume that you, in turn, are unprofessional, and click off before even taking the time to learn about who you are and what you have to offer.

Be honest with yourself. Whether you just need some minor updates, or a major overhaul—now is the time to consider the future of your website and, in turn, the success of your business.

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