This coming Monday (1/29), we’ll be kicking off our one-week 12-Minute Book Marketing Challenge! We created this challenge for authors of all types who are ready to take their marketing into their own hands — and see their results soar!

After launching over 100 books for our authors, we’ve figured out what works — and what doesn’t — in book marketing. We’ve also come to understand just how strapped for time authors are, and designed this challenge to help authors of all types see tangible results in just 12 minutes a day.

Your already-existing networks are your greatest asset in book marketing. Your book marketing efforts will succeed (or not) based on your follow-through in reaching and mobilizing those networks.

We designed this 12-Minute Book Marketing Challenge to help you reach those networks and get them on board, and are excited to support you! And guess what? Even if you don’t have an email list yet, this challenge will still help you to the gain major support you need.

What you’ll get:

  • How to easily create a larger, organized email marketing list of engaged readers (even from scratch).
  • How to get a “Yes” from influencers who are ready to help you promote your book.
  • How to most effectively feature your book on LinkedIn (the 1-minute tip I’ll be sharing with you works like a charm!).
  • How to start and engage with conversations about your book on Twitter — and make meaningful connections in the process!
  • Fun and easy points-tracking and the chance to win a grand prize!

In addition, those who sign up for this challenge will receive personal feedback from Becky Robinson and our team of book marketing experts in the Book Marketing Facebook group. Who should join? Authors, marketers, and publishers who share the common goal of sharing book marketing secrets and success stories . . . in other words, people like you!

It’s a place to connect with other authors and marketers; ask questions about marketing your book; share best tips; bounce ideas off other professionals and other authors; and learn about book marketing products, services, and even free events. Not a member yet? Join here.

What are you waiting for?

You may feel like you’ve already tried the whole book marketing thing . . . and it hasn’t worked. But with our proven system that we have implemented with hundreds of clients, you will see success in just 7 days. I can’t wait to see your results soar!

Sign up here (the challenge starts Monday 1/29).

Here’s to new success in marketing in the new year!