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Welcome to Season 4 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

This episode celebrates the 1-year anniversary of Becky’s book, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause. Becky discusses the importance of using milestones as an opportunity to continue sharing your message with the world. She also reflects on lessons learned throughout her book marketing journey and the power of sowing seeds with your message. 

Key Points From This Episode:

[01:48] Becky discusses the importance of finding new opportunities to share your message with the world.

[01:58] Becky mentions how her friend, colleague, and award-winning Author, Gena Cox, used the six-month anniversary of her book to market her message in new ways.   

[02:36] It’s always great to take a moment to celebrate pivotal milestones of your journey. Becky revealed that by the end of the month, the Weaving Influence team will be passing a milestone of 200 books launched since the start of the company in 2012. 

[03:02] Experience is the best teacher. Becky reflects on some critical lessons she learned while on her book marketing journey. 

[04:26] Becky talks about her goals in partnering with authors and thought leaders for their book marketing process.

[05:05] There is immense value in sowing seeds with your message. Becky explains the benefit of gifting your books to add value to other people’s journeys.    

[08:39] Becky calls out the impact of incorporating your book into your ongoing business development.

[09:12] Writing books allows authors to share the work of their business with the world. Becky identifies how putting your ideas into a book leaves you with a new level of confidence, expertise, and clarity.

[11:23] Becky announces the launch of a new group coaching initiative called Reach More Readers Mastermind Groups. If you are looking to create more reach for your message in the world, sign up here. The first workshop will begin in May 2023.  

Action Steps:

  1. Celebrate important milestones throughout the life of your book. Reignite your message around the world by utilizing milestones as opportunities to connect with potential readers in exciting new ways. 
  2. Reflect on both the highs and lows of your book marketing journey. Once you have had some experience with marketing your book, think about what went well and what you think you can do better. It’s never too late to re-strategize and find new avenues to reach more people with your message.
  3. Share the work of your business with the world. When you put your ideas into a book, not only will you reach a new level of confidence and expertise, but you will have the opportunity to share a piece of yourself with the world. 


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Any milestone of your book’s release, like six months, one year, two years, and on from there is a great time for you to revisit sharing your book with others. —Becky Robinson

One of my goals in partnering with authors is to help relieve some of that stress and overwhelm. —Becky Robinson

If you are an author, you are the Chief Marketing Officer of your own book. —Becky Robinson

I knew that marketing my own book would be challenging. I knew that it would be expensive. I knew it would take a lot of focus. And it was just about exactly as hard as I expected it to be. —Becky Robinson

Any chance we have to get my book in front of people for whom it will add value, we want to take that opportunity.  —Becky Robinson

I don’t think that people should write books to be expensive business cards. I think it’s important to write the best book you can. —Becky Robinson

Books are seeds. —Becky Robinson

Giving away a book that costs me about $10 is one of the least expensive marketing tools I have, but also the most powerful one. —Becky Robinson

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