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Welcome to Season 3 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. In this episode, we are joined by Colin Hunter, Mentor, Coach, CEO of Potential Squared International Limited, and Author of Be More Wrong.

This episode focuses on how authors can embrace the challenges that come with book marketing and grow from the mistakes they make. Colin shares his experience creating a cinematic book trailer, the rigor and discipline he needed in order to market his book, and how he has adapted throughout the book marketing journey. He emphasizes that failure is an important part of becoming a better leader.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:17] Colin shares about his work at Potential Squared, his global team, and the work that he does with clients. 

[02:51] Colin talks about his latest book, Be More Wrong, and what inspired him to write it.

[04:47] Why did Colin choose to create a cinematic book trailer? He explains his decision.

[06:55] Colin provides an in-depth explanation of the process of creating his book trailer, including the cost, the time it took, and the challenges he faced.

[12:03] Be More Wrong launched in September 2021. Colin shares how far in advance he was creating his book trailer and how soon it was finished.

[13:02] Colin explains whether or not he would invest as much in a book trailer again.

[15:02] Colin reveals what has worked best for him in spreading the message of his book.

[18:13] Tying into the theme of his book, Colin describes the assumptions he once made about book marketing that he ended up being wrong about.

[21:20] Colin is launching Be More Wrong again in 2022, and he reveals what will be different about the second campaign. 

Action Steps:

  1. Create a storyboard for your book so that you can start to craft your message. Bring your message to life with a visual outline.
  2. Come up with a new campaign to bring more energy and attention to your book. There is always an opportunity to transform your book marketing strategy.


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The purpose of my book was to make it a business card for my business. – Colin Hunter

What I found with podcasts is they allow me to hone my message and feel more confident. – Colin Hunter 

Ensure that everything else around your business is matched up to what you’re doing. – Colin Hunter

The skill of doing your own social media is massive. – Colin Hunter

Even if you don’t want to be a multi-million seller of a book, there is a rigor and discipline that you need to have in place. – Colin Hunter

If you think about the big leave that’s happening in our organizations at the moment, a lot of people are leaving to find more purpose. So why wouldn’t you tap into that in a good way to make a change? – Colin Hunter

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