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Welcome to Season 3 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

This episode is part of a series where Becky will be taking an in-depth look at the four commitments of her new book, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause. Today Becky is joined by David Dye – Author and President of Let’s Grow Leaders. During the episode, David and Becky discuss the third commitment of Reach: Consistency. David shares about the impact of creating small bites of content–taking a moment at the end of each day to write something down–that will add up over time. He emphasizes the importance of finding someone who needs your content and writing to them consistently. This will help you identify an audience and continue showing up with value. 

Key Points From This Episode

[01:23] David shares about himself, his books, and his work in the world.

[01:57] Learn about David’s most recent book, Courageous Cultures.  

[02:42] David reveals why consistency is so important when it comes to building a business, building thought leadership, and marketing books.

[03:37] How did David get started with growing an online presence? He shares his journey.

[04:59] Discover how long David has been blogging and how he has grown his influence from there.

[06:20] Find out what year David wrote his first book, as well as the title of it.

[06:53] David explains what he has done consistently to keep his first book in online spaces so that it continues to sell.

[07:56] David talks about what he consistently does to reach people with his books, business, and thought leadership.

[10:31] If you want to begin the journey of content marketing and thought leadership, David shares how you can get started with building a platform and having consistent online relationships. Also, learn what it means to “Find your Jennifer.” 

[13:59] David has been able to sustain his energy for consistency over time. He reveals how he maintains that energy.

[15:55] David talks about his upcoming book. 

[17:01] David talks about some of the outcomes that he has experienced as a result of being consistent over time. 

Action Steps:

  1. “Find your Jennifer.” David indicates that we should think of someone in our world who needs the content that we create and then write or produce content that directly speaks to that individual.
  2. Pick a social media lane wherever your “Jennifer” hangs out. Finding someone online is the easiest way to get started. Create your content and write your copy to address a need that your “Jennifer” has.


Tweetables and quotes:

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Any kind of relationship takes consistency if there’s going to be an understanding of knowledge. —David Dye

Consistency takes lots of different forms. —David Dye

Find someone who needs your content–who values what you have to say–and write to them. Shut everybody else out. —David Dye

Give me a good, honest question from my core audience. That’s gold. It’s the best thing in the world. —David Dye

The work of maintaining my physical health directly impacts the energy that I have to write, to market, to do all of that work. —David Dye

Consistency isn’t just online, it’s also showing up in the real, physical world and talking with people about what’s there. —David Dye

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