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Welcome to Season 3 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

On today’s episode, Becky is joined by Christy Kirk – Vice President of Client Services at Weaving Influence. During their time together, Christy breaks down some of the latest research she has conducted on the usage of various social media platforms. Christy stays on the cutting edge of social media trends, and she reveals amazing insights about a platform that many thought leaders are hesitant to try: TikTok. 

Key Points From This Episode

[01:53] Christy breaks down the latest numbers on how people are using social media and explains why there is a real opportunity for nonfiction leaders to utilize TikTok right now. 

[06:32] People have shifted in how they use social media and how much time they spend on each platform. Christy reveals that TikTok has a growing audience and shares advice about how thought leaders can make their mark on the platform. 

[09:16] Christy explains some of the opportunities for growth on TikTok and why it’s important to always be ready to branch out and try something new on social media.

Action Steps:

  1. Do your own research. Look at your Google Analytics and find out which social media platforms are directing traffic to your website. If you have a platform that is doing most of the heavy lifting, focus your efforts there. 
  2. See if TikTok is something you can do. Consider whether or not you could commit to it regularly and consistently. This is the time to do it.
  3. Always be looking, listening, and reacting to what is happening on social media. What worked yesterday may not work today, but it might work again tomorrow. Have fun and get out there and share your message with the world.


Tweetables and quotes:

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The pandemic has changed so much of life and it’s changed how we’ve consumed social media. —Christy Kirk

If you’re on TikTok what does that mean for you? It means you have the opportunity to reach an audience of 1 billion people. —Christy Kirk

TikTok has the largest average usage per day of any social media platform. —Christy Kirk 

TikTok wants authenticity. They want to feel like they’re connecting with people. —Christy Kirk

Don’t fall in love with what you’re doing on social, because social media and how we use it changes. —Christy Kirk

People are hungry for what you have to share, and they want to hear from you. —Christy Kirk

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