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Welcome to Season 3 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

This episode is the second part in a mini-series where Katherine Golub–Career, Leadership, and Executive Coach for Nonprofit Leaders and People Committed to Social Justice–interviews Becky about the book launch process. Katherine, who is working on her first book, continues asking Becky all of her most pressing questions about developing a book marketing plan, generating a launch team, starting a podcast, and more so that she can reach the biggest possible audience with her message.

Key Points From This Episode

[02:41] How many books should an author realistically expect to sell in the first year of launch? Becky answers this most often asked question.

[08:05] Becky explains why an author should focus more on showing up for people in any way they can, as opposed to only booking speaking events. 

[12:08] Becky reveals how many people an author should plan to have on their launch team and how personal outreach can increase reviews.

[16:13] If an author wants to start a podcast, what resources can they utilize to make the process easier? Becky shares advice and resources from her own experience. 

Action Steps:

  1. Think for a moment about the content that you’re using to add value to your audience. Consider whether there may be some new initiative that you could start and what new content you could bring to your audience as you continue to grow the reach of your work.
  2. Say yes to every opportunity that you have to share the message of your book with others. Jot down two or three groups that you may be able to reach out to who might be interested in–or see value in–your book’s content.
  3. If you have a group that could benefit from Becky’s ideas in Reach, send Becky an email and invite her to speak to your audience. She will say yes, if she can.


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Any book that sells more than about 5,000 copies in a year, as it relates to a small independent publisher, is doing pretty well. —Becky Robinson

You really do have to have that long-term view that your book is a valuable tool in your work and business over time. And just keep looking for more ways to find new audiences. —Becky Robinson

It’s not necessarily speaking that’s critical so much as it is showing up for people. —Becky Robinson

You want to make your outreach to your launch team as personal as possible and as individualized as possible. —Becky Robinson

Books are seeds, and my book being in the world is better than my book not being in the world. —Becky Robinson

Take the number of reviews that you want in the first month and multiply that number by four to get the number of books that you need to send out to achieve your goal.  —Becky Robinson

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