The next post I write for this blog will be the 100th.

I pay attention to social media milestones: passing big numbers of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I don’t do it because I think the numbers are anything special. I pay attention because of what they represent: connections, interaction, dedicated work/writing on my blog.

Do you celebrate when you pass social media milestones? If so, how do you commemorate those milestones?

I asked a few friends on Google+ and Facebook. About half of the respondents to my Facebook question do not celebrate social media milestones at all. I’m not sure why; I love any excuse for a celebration!

If you would like to celebrate social media milestones and you’re not sure how, here are a 12 ideas to get you started:

  1. Take a screenshot. When I first passed 1000 Twitter followers, on my first Twitter account, I took a screenshot and sent it to a few friends.
  2. Write a blog post. I wrote a blog post to mark my first 100 blog posts on my first blog.
  3. Send a tweet. What better way to mark your 1000th tweet than tweet about it?
  4. Raise a glass. I love mochas from Starbucks. I use any excuse I can to drink one. John Smith had a beer when he passed 2000 Twitter followers. What’s your favorite beverage? Drink one to celebrate.
  5. Eat cake. 
  6. Make a donation. Use your cause to celebrate as a cause to give to others. Invite others to join you.
  7. Give yourself a high five.
  8. Take a break. Use your milestone as a chance to take a break, regroup, and think about what’s next.
  9. Do a happy dance. You know, if dancing’s your thing.
  10. Say thank you. Take a moment to write a note (handwritten) to someone who has helped you get to where you are.
  11. Create your own celebration. Have a party. Make a special dinner. Buy balloons. Invite some friends to a hangout on G+. Do whatever makes you happy.
  12. Help someone else be successful. To celebrate what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown, find someone who needs encouragement and do what you can to help them along.

I haven’t decided yet how to celebrate my 100th post at Weaving Influence.  Which of these do you think I should try?