Have you ever sat at your desk, staring at the blinking cursor on a blank post on your blog?

One of the main barriers to blogging —for some people — is being unsure about what to write.

One way to overcome that barrier is to spend regular, focused time creating a list of topics to write about on your blog.

It may be helpful to use your blog’s categories as idea starters. Ask yourself, for each category, “What could I write about this topic?” Stay focused on your readers, potential readers, clients, and customers as you consider what topics will add value for them.

What topics have interested your clients/customers/readers in the past?

What questions can you answer for your clients/customers/readers?

What are you learning about/thinking about that you could share with your clients/customers/readers?

What success stories can you share? What struggles could you share?

What can you write that will make a difference for others? What can you write that will propel your business forward?

What can you write that people will want to share? What can you write that will engage people in conversation?

What can you write that will help people get to know you better?

What can you write that will help you people understand your business offerings more clearly?

Today’s Tip: Blog Brainstorming

Set your timer for 12 minutes. Using the questions above as a guide, brainstorm topics for your blog. Keep the list in an easily accessible location so you can add to it, wherever you are, when inspiration strikes. (Evernote is a good choice.)

How will you use your 12 minutes today? 

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