If one of your resolutions is to increase your influence through social media in the New Year, remember one thing:

Consistent, focused effort makes a difference.

You may feel, already, that there is not enough time for all you want to accomplish in 2012, both online and offline.

Even 12 minutes a day will make a difference.

If you choose to commit 12 minutes each day for 5 days a week to build your social media presence, you’ll spend ONE HOUR each week — 52 hours total in 2012.

If you decide to spend 12 minutes each day for 7 days each week, you’ll add an additional 20 hours to that total.

365 days times 12 minutes equals 73 hours in the New Year to build your online influence.

73 hours to connect; 73 hours to share what you know; 73 hours to help or encourage others; 73 hours to promote your business. 73 hours to make a difference through consistent, focused effort.

For this first week of 2012, I’ll be sharing 12 minute tips focused on connection.

For today, I offer this tip:

Set your timer for 12 minutes today and spend time connecting. Reach out to already established contacts to share warm wishes for the New Year. Offer help, support, appreciation, or encouragement to your closest online contacts. Before your 12 minutes is up, make a commitment to spend 12 focused minutes tomorrow, as well.

Consistent, focused effort makes a difference. I hope you’ll join me in 2012 for 12 minutes each day of growing your online presence.

photo credit Moyan_Brenn