I love questions, silly and serious. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

By combining a blog post with questions on other social media sites, you can extend and repurpose the content.

For example, yesterday, I posted about my Twitter Tips E-book and introduced the topic with some conversation about how I am winding down the summer.

That post could become two polls or sets of questions: one about the Twitter Tips E-book and one about how people are enjoying the end of summer.

I could post those questions on Facebook, using the Facebook polls feature. Or I could post the questions on a site dedicated to questions and answers like Honestly Now.

Here’s a question I just posted on Honestly Now about the end of summer. And on Facebook, you could ask the question in several ways: open ended, as a status update on your own account, as a poll (see example below), or as an open question on your fan page. Or you could send the question as a tweet.

In a few minutes, you can extend the life of your blog post and repurpose the ideas from it. And all it takes is a couple of minutes and the willingness to ask and engage.

Today’s Tip: Turn a Blog Post Into a Poll

Set your timer for 12 minutes. I promise, you won’t need them all. Find a favorite or recent blog post and scan it to find a question you can turn into a poll on Honestly Now or Facebook. Or look for a question — or series of questions — to tweets.

Tell me something! On which social media platform do you enjoy asking questions? Where do you get the best response and interaction?