There’s no quick fix that I’ve found to create fast traction for a blog site.

Most of the successful bloggers I know have been consistently blogging and promoting their blogs for years; we’ve never seen anyone achieve overnight success in blogging.

Take this list curated recently by Charles Specht. Though I cannot say without question that all of the bloggers have been blogging for years, I am fairly certain most of them have been.

This is bad news for anyone starting fresh with a new blog site. We support several dynamite leadership thought leaders who regularly share powerful content and resources. Despite consistent promotion, growth is slow.

My own new blog site is an example of the difficulty in getting traction. Despite the fact that I’ve been blogging for 6 years on various domains, and despite the fact that I have a robust social following, I’m not seeing regular visitors to my domain.

If you want to create regular, steady traffic to a new blog, the best advice I have is to settle in for the long haul. Longevity in blogging creates traction with repeat readers, who find value in what you’re writing — and in organic search traffic because the more content your site contains, the more likely people are to find you when they search for terms relevant to your site.

Here are a few other ideas:

Spend as much time promoting your content as you spent writing it. If this seems crazy, consider the alternative. You may invest a lot of time writing something that few people will read. If you want people to read what you’re writing, you will need to strategically publicize the content in ways that are more about the value the reader can receive than about you as the writer. In the event that you don’t have time to publicize your content, consider partnering with a company or assistant who can help you.

Pay attention to keywords and metadata. If you want to generate relevant traffic, you need to consider what words are relevant to the work you most want to do in the world. Think about what words people might use to search for the resources you’re providing and incorporate them in your writing (and in the meta data you craft for each post).

Write consistently, at least once per week. Once per week is a minimum if you want to gain traction for your blog. If you blog less frequently, you may lose readers’ interest.

Partner with other, more established bloggers or blog sites. Veteran bloggers, who likely have established traffic and networks, can be of great help to newer bloggers by including links or introducing new voices. Dan McCarthy and others helped me when I started. As more established bloggers mention you, you will reach more potential readers. Contributing content to a multi-author site, like Lead Change Group, can also be helpful, as you will reach more people and your bio will point people back to your individual site.

Tell me something! What other ideas do you have for gaining traction for a new blog site?