Social Networking for Women Marines in Business

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Here’s a sneak preview of my presentation for tonight. I am talking with a group of Women Marines in Business about Social Networking. I don’t know how helpful reading the slides will be — they’re an outline — but I just adore the work my designer has done and I also love experimenting with new tools.
If  you like my designer’s work, too, and want to find out how to hire him, please email me. I happen to know that he is going to be launching a new business soon and you will want to be one of his first clients because he is going to get busy, fast, if I have anything to do with it.
Wondering how I got connected to a group of Women Marines in Business?  That story is a cool social media lesson of it’s own so I’ll share it.
Remember how I used to write a leadership blog for a university? Last May, I attended the school’s annual leadership conference. After working remotely for the university for more than a year, it was so exciting to spend an extended amount of time interacting with the school’s students and faculty members. At the time, I was teaching my own cohort of students as an adjunct faculty member.
One of the people I met was Nora Ellis, who was a student in the school’s Master of Science Strategic Leadership program. We enjoyed getting to know each other at the conference and became friends on Facebook right way. Later, she shared a great guest post on that that blog and she has been a faithful reader and supporter of this one. She may even be my biggest fan (apart from my brother Byron, who has often declared himself such).
She has her own blog now, and I hope you’ll take a moment to check out her blog, like her fan page on Facebook, and get to know her. She is a genuine, caring, and supportive friend.
Our friendship illustrates the most important things anyone needs to know about social media.
Social media is about relationships.
By engaging on social media platforms, you have the chance to make new friends. You never know where those friendships will take you or what opportunities will result from your connections.
My experience has been that social media relationships have taken me to beautiful places I would not have expected and given me countless opportunities.
However… and this is IMPORTANT… the reason for being involved in social media is not to see what you can get from it. Instead, the reason is to see what you can give, how you can make a difference.
Social media platforms provide a place to build relationships where you can make a difference.
Tell me something! What unexpected places have you been as a result of social media connections? In what ways do you use social media to make a difference?