In working with clients to build their online influence, this is a frequent question.

There is no one clear cut answer about the best ways to generate more traffic on your blog — there are lots of answers.

Writing more posts typically translates into more page views. I am 15 days into my 28 day blogging challenge. My traffic averages, counted in page views per day are more than double from last February. When you write more posts, you will get more page views. Some of the most successful blogs I know (in terms of views per day) in the leadership space, are Leadership Freak (Dan Rockwell) and Three Star Leadership Blog (Wally Bock). Both blogs publish prolifically — Wally publishes two posts per day.

Promoting posts leads to more page views. I have said — more than once — that you need to spend as much time promoting posts as you do writing them. I rarely follow my own advice. When I do, the result is more traffic to my blog — lots more.

Write more compelling content. When you write great content, people want to share it. What I have found is that the more personal, the more vulnerable, the more honest, the more page views I receive. When writing a post feels like disrobing or unveiling the contents of my heart — that’s when my posts are most read.

Network with others. As I have built community online with others, I have seen my own influence grow. If you have a closely connected network, people will want to share your content. The more people who share your content, the more page views you will receive.

Promote others generously. When you share others’ content freely, you will often find that people reciprocate. There are no guarantees here, and I would never never never encourage you to share generously with a hidden expectation and hope that people will reciprocate, because inevitably this leads to keeping score and resentment. Instead, share without keeping track whether or not people reciprocate. Then see what happens.

Tell me something! What do you do to increase traffic to your blog? What works for you?