How Often Do I Blog? How Often Do I Run?

How Often Do I Blog?  How Often Do I Run?

How often do I blog? This afternoon, a new PR connection asked me how often I blog. Well, judging from the last post I published (nearly two weeks ago) — not that often.

Two or three times a week, typically, I told her. I didn’t tell her about the month of February, when I challenged myself to blog every day for 28 days and almost made it. I’ve had to let go of blogging lately. We are working to complete a redesign of — so exciting. And, also — so much work!

My attempts to get more help in the business haven’t worked out as well as I’d hoped: one new crew member suffered a terrible tragedy, two team members missed work due to family losses, and I’ve been scrambling to get everything done. (If you haven’t noticed me scrambling… whew! Maybe I’m doing better than I thought.)

Blogging just doesn’t fit right now, but it is something I enjoy and something I hope to be back to on a regular basis. Soon.

How often do I run? 

I run sporadically. In a perfect routine, I’d run more often than I blog, 4 times a week would be ideal.

But for many weeks running seemed like something that wasn’t fitting either.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I ran 5 miles as part of a relay team. And then, one of my team members challenged me to run every day for the month of May, even if only a mile. So it’s May 7th, and I’ve run every day this month so far. Yes, several days it’s only been a mile.

I am neither a consistent runner or blogger, apparently. But give me a challenge, and I’ll find a way to gut it out.

Tell me something! How often do you blog? How often do you run? What is your secret to maintaining a consistent schedule?

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I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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  • Hooray for all you’re doing! Enjoyed your essay. I ran for years, every day, 40-60 miles a week; completed nine marathons. Finally I had to have arthoscopic surgery on a knee that acted up so – alas – can no longer run. But I hike all the time, lots of climbing in the mountains. Also, I spin at my gym. About blogging: I aim for a new posting every Monday. More than that, I’d find no time at all for my other writing (a walking book update and novel in progress. It takes me a long time to write a blog that suits my inner critic. Trying to be more efficient and inviting fantastic guest bloggers.

    • Thanks!

    • Elaine, I try to live by the philosophy, taught to me by Kevin Eikenberry, that Done is better than perfect. It’s one of the reasons I often set a timer and try to write a first draft of a blog post in 12 minutes. Lots of clients have told me that 12 minutes is not nearly enough for them, and I believe them. I also think that the more often you blog, the easier it gets… so stick with it!

  • The tricky part is running can seriously inform blogging. When I exercise the posts seem to emerge from nowhere, and are easier to write. I know this intuitively, but when all the demands collide, I am more committed to the writing than the running (before blogging I was a more consistent runner) I keep looking for the perfect cadence of all in my life… it’s never handled.

    • I love that we share a love of blogging — and running. Your consistency is amazing on the blogging, and if running helps, I hope you can find that perfect cadence!

  • Hi Becky ~ your post so resonated with me it was extraordinary. I’d like to blog weekly and haven’t done one for weeks till one burst from me a few days ago, as a result of seeing a Spoken Word video on YouTube that really moved me!

    As for running, I’ve given that up as my knees can’t take the impact any more so now I row. I try to row every other day and, while it varies occasionally, I’m pretty good with that. As Karin mentions in her reply, while exercising I also think … and stuff just emerges! Following up on it is the bit I struggle with at times! Keeping a good balance, especially when workload is high, is the really hard part! I’m a lot more comfortable now with in-equilibrium than I used to be when I was very driven! And today, not Tuesday gone is the day I begin my 31 Days Twitter Challenge – lol! Thanks for sharing your situation!

    • John,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Glad to hear you are back on the blogging path — and I’ll check out your site!

      I agree about the thoughts that emerge while exercising. I also find that thoughts come regardless — often when I least expect them.

      Glad to be connected!

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