One of the most efficient and effective ways to create content for your company website is by curating the best posts about your topic area and sharing them with your audience. It shows you read other people’s insights about your area of expertise, and that you don’t mistakenly believe you’re the only voice on the topic.

Let’s add curation to your content strategy.

Set your timer for 12 minutes and get started curating content.

Preparation for Curation

Listen to your customers first – If you don’t already have alerts set up for your topic areas, go back and review how to listen to your customers first. Set that up, then come back tomorrow.

Collect 5 articles that are interesting and/or useful – Now look through your alerts, or do a quick search at What is the most interesting? What is the most useful for your customers? Grab the most interesting sentence or three, the headline, and the URL where the article is.

Get Writing

Create a list post with the 5 articles and the interesting snippets and links –  Start with the headline and link to the text and then include a sentence or two. See “listen to your customers first” paragraph for an example.

Create an interesting headline – 5 Expert Views on Your Topic is a great place to

start. Check out 102 Proven Social Media Headline Formulas for more ideas.

Finishing Touches

Find a graphic that fits your article – Look for a graphic that fits your article.

Proof read your article one more time. Make sure all links work and you don’t have any typos.


Do this once a month and you’ll add curation into your content strategy mix, proving you don’t think you’re the only smart voice on your topic.

Time’s up.

How did you do?