How to Grow Your Twitter Following

How to Grow Your Twitter Following

As a business person using Twitter, you’ve probably wondered at least once, “How can I grow my Twitter following and get more people to consume my content?” I know I have.

So when I came upon this infographic, I knew I had to share it with you. It’s a great way of visually explaining how to you can grow your Twitter following with more useful people. You know, customers, prospects, and people who might recommend your products and services. It’s a little long, but I encourage you to print it out, write your thoughts on it, and use this as a tool for your business.

Grow your Twitter following infographic

In just 12 minutes, you can come up with at least 1 thing you can actually use from this infographic today that will grow your Twitter following, and ultimately, your business.

Your turn: What’s the most useful thing you find on this infographic? Please share in the comments below so we can learn from your insights.

Phil Gerbyshak is the Chief Connections Officer at the Make It Great Institute. He works with organizations to connect them to their customers and heir employees. Follow Phil on Twitter for bite sized tips you can use to grow your business.

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  • This is a great infographic — thanks for sharing! And you’re right — I did find at least one thing I want to implement.

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