It’s time to make sure everyone in your personal network knows about your blog.

Since your network is larger than your friends list on Facebook, consider other ways to let the people in your life know about your blog.


Send an email to everyone in your network to announce your blog. You may want to tell about your blog’s focus and topics and include a link to a favorite post. If there is a chance that many of your friends and family are unfamiliar with blogging, you could even explain what blogs are and share with them about your own motivation and objectives with blogging. Your blog could be the first one people in your network ever read.

Ask for support. If you want the people in your network to subscribe, invite them and tell them how to do it. If you want them to email others to tell them about your blog, ask for that.

Use your voice

Do your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers know about your blog? Look for opportunities to tell them. Tell them on the phone, or tell them face to face. Be intentional about making sure that you tell everyone you know about your blog.

I plan to print up business cards for my blog — even though I am not using my blog for business — so that I can give them to people I connect with, making it easier for them to find my blog.

Send a letter

This Christmas when I sent out letters to our friends and family, I added a brief note about this new blog. I included an image of the blog’s header and the URLs to all my social media channels. I did it because I wanted to make sure that people knew about my work here.

Tell me something! What has worked for you in this area? How have you increased your blog’s influence by reaching out to your personal network?

Two blogging friends, Raj Menon and Chris Edmonds, took my advice and started Facebook fan pages for their blogs. I’m thrilled that they listened to me, and I would love it if you would choose to like their pages and follow their work. Like The 13 apples blog and like Driving Results Through Culture. While you’re doing that, go ahead and like the page I’m spending a lot of energy on these days: From Bud to Boss.