I took a week off blogging.

To many people, that would not be a break.

But I gave myself permission to take a break for a week — or longer — and that was enough for me. I have given myself permission to depart from my strict blogging schedule. No more promises to post a certain number of times per week or to post on certain days.

I am back, but in a new way: free form, showing up whenever it works for me, whenever inspiration strikes.

It’s okay to take a break. Good, even. Nothing is lost by stepping away to regroup. Nothing at all.

I can disconnect and still connect meaningfully. Over the past week or so, with my blogging break, I have spent less time engaged on Twitter. I have changed the times I am online, and created more distinct boundaries for myself. Even with new boundaries and decreased participation, I have enjoyed the chance, this week, to build two new friendships on Twitter. Earlier this week, I enjoyed a Skype call with Wendy Appel, who lives in Mallorca, Spain. Yesterday morning, I called a new friend in Florida. Both conversations refreshed and encouraged me. And both happened in spite of (or perhaps because of?) my commitment to unplug.

My life, with social media and without, is incredibly rich! During my time away from blogging, I have spent more time reflecting and digging deeper with my faith. I have splashed in the pool with my daughters and spent time organizing bedrooms. I’ve read and rested. I am exceedingly blessed and where I am is right where I am supposed to be.

Tell me something! Have you taken a break from social media/blogging? What lessons did you learn? What new connections are you making via social media?

(Postscript — this is another blog for my 12 minute blog post category. Have you taken the 12 minute blog post challenge? If I hadn’t told you this was a 12 minute blog post, would you have guessed?)