Making introductions is a great way to help others find new relationships.

You can do it casually, through a tweet.



You can even introduce a bunch of friends to all your followers at once; that’s the basis of the follow Friday movement. People use the hashtag #ff to make introductions.

You can do it more formally, through an email or through LinkedIn.

You can do to it publicly by mentioning one friend to a large group of others in a blog post. (Thanks, Dan, for introducing me to your readers!)

Or you can make quiet, private introductions.

The more personal and detailed the introduction, the greater the impact. Specific, directed introductions are powerful!

As you make introductions, you will also be strengthening your relationships with the people you are introducing.

Today’s Tip

Set your timer for 12 minutes and make at least one thoughtful introduction today. Who do you know who could benefit from a connection to someone else you know? Be as specific and personal as you can be in your introduction. If you have any time left after making one introduction, send out a tweet or two introducing someone you appreciate.

Remember: focused, consistent effort makes a difference.

What introductions will you make today?