Review Your Twitter Profile

Review Your Twitter Profile

When is the last time you updated your Twitter profile?

Twitter Profile: Before

Although all the information in my profile is correct, it needs an update because I am primarily blogging here at right now. So, as part of my profile update, I’m going to change the link from my personal blog to this blog. I also want to tweak my profile description, as well.

If you haven’t updated your profile in a while, you’ll want to check to make sure that your description still fits. Are you doing any new work that you’d like to include? Do you have an additional Twitter account to add? Does your profile include the most important information you want people to know about who you are and the value that you hope to add to others? Does it reflect your personal brand clearly?

Some other thoughts to consider: What is the most strategic web page for you to link to from your Twitter profile? Consider what page to link to in light of your overall social media strategy and goals. (If you need help with strategy, check out the Strategy and Branding Playbook.) Do you have a specific offer for Twitter followers? (See this example from Brian Tracy.) Would you like Twitter followers to like your Facebook fan page? If so, link there. Would you like Twitter followers to connect to you on LinkedIn or Google Plus? Choose your link based on your strategy.

Are you using an up-to-date photo? Is it time for a change?

Twitter profile: After

Today’s Tip: Update Your Twitter Profile

 Set your timer for 12 minutes. Log in to Twitter and review and update your Twitter profile. Change your photo or avatar, if desired. Change your description, if needed. Update your website information to reflect your strategic decision about where you want your Twitter followers to find more information about you. If you have time left, you may want to change your Twitter password. Be sure to keep it in a safe place so you’ll be able to log in easily next time!

What changes will you make to your Twitter profile today? Post a link here or share in the comments about the changes you’re making. 

Also, my friend Wally Bock shares daily tips for leaders at the Three Star Leadership Blog. You can read his tips here

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