If you are new to using social media, you may wonder what kind of content to share when trying to connect with others online.

Or, if you’ve been around social media channels for a while, you may feel like people expect you to share content about a particular subject area or niche.

You might think people expect you to share blog posts about that topic or to tweet quotes related to that subject area.

While you may certainly concentrate on sharing content mostly about one topic, you are a nuanced person with multiple interests, activities, and ideas.

You’re interested in leadership, but you’re secretly also passionate about baking bread, running, Ugg boots, or Peanut M&Ms. (Ok, so my love of M&Ms is not at all secret.) You can share all of that! Use everything!

When you share about something that seems slightly off-topic to you, you may spark new conversations which will help you make new connections.

When you say something unexpected, you may catch the attention of someone new; you may make a new friend.

Try this tip, today, to build new connections or strengthen your existing ones.

Today’s Tip: Share Something Off-Topic

 Set your timer for 12 minutes. Share something unexpected, something random, an interest or activity that you don’t usual talk about. Talk about something you love — and find out who else loves it. Remember that common interest, so you can have more conversations about that topic with your connection in the future.

P.S. Thanks to Susan Alexander, who responded to an off-topic tweet I posted earlier today about running. In responding to that random tweet, she started a conversation, offered encouragement, and built a new connection.  🙂 

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