If you are not already using Google+, there are some things  you can do — NOW — to get ready for when your invitations come.

Do you have a Gmail account? If not, get one — now.

Then create a Google profile. Add your photo, your links, and information about yourself to make it easy for people to find and recognize you there. I recommend using the same photo across all your social media platforms for consistent branding.

Find a friend who is already in Google+ and ask for an invitation. Since Google+ is in field trial, spots are opening slowly and unpredictably. Make sure the friend who wants to invite you has your Gmail address.

You should be able to do those first three steps in 12 minutes or less. (EASY!)


Relax! Eventually, you will get in. If you are feeling impatient to check it out, or worried about being late to the party, please, don’t worry. You’ll catch up.

If it makes you feel better, figure out what to expect by reading some of the many posts about G+ around the web. There are videos, blog posts, and commentary everywhere. You can become an expert on Google Plus even before you join.

12 Minutes a day for Google Plus. If you’re like me, you might be feeling concerned about finding time for (one more) social media platform in your busy life. If you want, you can devote 12 minutes a day, beginning today, to learning about Google Plus. Then, when you get in, you can use those 12 minutes to engage and connect on the platform. Your social media time budge will then adjust to allow for (one more platform.)

To read more of my thoughts about Google Plus, check out my new post at Weaving Influence. And, if you’d like an invite to Google+, please leave your Gmail address in the comments here.