Involvement in social media is all about relationships.

Social media is about relationships.

The short answer to the question “Why social media?” is relationships.

When you participate in social media, you create an opportunity for buidling and strengthening relationships, both personally and professionally.

The power of social media is in the connections, but is also in how we use those connections to make a positive difference for the people in our lives.

Social media is like real life, only faster. People can be brought together with only a few key strokes.

The best thrill in social media comes from bringing others together.

One of the reasons I love social media is that it allows me to connect to people around the world.

Success in social media, for individuals or organizations, is – at its core – about relationships.

The magic of social media: exploring, sharing, giving, helping, connecting.

Social media platforms provide a place to build relationships where you can make a difference.

The power of social media is the ability to form real connections.

Real connections CAN begin in 140 characters volleyed back and forth, synchronous or asynchronous.

The words above are excerpts from blog posts I’ve written about social media; I found them this morning searching through the archives at Weaving Influence and LeaderTalk.

This tip will help you start a new relationship online.

Today’s Tip: Get to Know Someone New

Relationships are made one at a time. Set your timer for 12 minutes and choose one online contact who you don’t know well: a Facebook friend, a Twitter follower, a LinkedIn connection, or a person you’ve circled on Google+. Read that friend’s recent blog posts,  look closer at profiles. Before the 12 minutes are up, find a way to connect with or help your friend. Promote a recent post, share something encouraging, send a RT, or send an email. Do something — anything — to build a new relationship.

How will you spend your 12 minutes today?

My friend Wally Bock shares daily tips for leaders at the Three Star Leadership Blog. You can read his tips here.

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