This week’s tip’s focused on updating your social media profiles. How you communicate online matters. It is important to keep your online profiles up to date. It’s easy to set them and then forget them, missing the chance to share your current projects, interests, and contact information.

If you didn’t implement these tips during the week, or if you didn’t complete the suggested updates, the weekend is a great time to take some time to catch up. These tips are only the start; you likely have other profiles on various sites that you could review, update, adjust, or edit.

Here are this week’s tips, with links to the original posts:

Time to Review and Update Your Social Profiles

Review Your Twitter Profile

Facebook Update/Personal Profile

How Complete is Your Google+ Profile

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And, for a sneak peak of the theme for next week’s tips, consider Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog.

How will you spend your 12 minutes today?

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