Once upon a time I published an e-book of Twitter Tips.

I gave away more than 600, and a few friends blogged reviews and posted them to Amazon.

I sold a few, enough to buy a mocha or two.

Then today, I received feedback from two places: this review from Mark DuBois and a note in my email, from Leigh who gave me permission to share her comments:

“I’ve finished the 31 day twitter challenge! I think the most memorable experience for me out of this challenge was learning how to connect with others and build relationships. I’m now gaining new followers on a slow and steady basis since I began my challenge. I have made new local connections as well as connections with people around the country. I’ve seen my tweets get favorited and retweeted. I’ve learned how to build reciprocal relationships through twitter, and my blog has garnered new readers as a result of those relationships.”

The positive feedback encouraged me on a not-so-wonderful day and made me glad I wrote the e-book, and happy it made a difference.