Two Fantastic Ways to Maximize Your Online Content

Two Fantastic Ways to Maximize Your Online Content

A photo from a practice video session. The red wall didn’t really work for me.

Yesterday, I filmed two video shows for Toledo BizConnect TV.

This was “Take 2.”

I tried last week and struggled. Then my friend Phil suggested that I write out a complete script beforehand. I hadn’t done that because I felt like I knew my topic well enough and I didn’t want to read from my notes.

Turns out, his advice worked.

First, I used Google to find out about how many words are in a three minute speech.

Then I wrote out my video script so that I would have about the right number of words (nearly 500.)

I waited until my girls left for school. I eliminated the background noise of the dishwasher (running) and the dryer (tumbling) until the only noise left in my home was the patter of raindrops on our skylights.

I took the advice of another friend, who recommended that I try rehearsing my show without the camera turned on.
I practiced, then turned on the camera.

After a few false starts, I finished my first video (You can watch my first video here.)

After the first one, I finished the second one much more easily.

Today, I took those two scripts, made a few additions and changes, and — VOILA! — two blog posts for my blog at (Read the first one here.)

I share these stories to highlight two ideas that may help you stretch the time you spend on blogging (or creating video).

Every blog post could be the script for a video on your YouTube or other online video channel.

And every video that you create could also be the inspiration for a related blog post.

If you want to maximize the time you spend creating content to share online, try the tip I am suggesting here.

  1. Turn your blog posts into videos. Simply set your stage and film a short video where you explain the concepts from your post.
  2. Turn your videos into blog posts. Write about the content in your video. Share it on your blog.

Tell me something. What other ways do you leverage your content?

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About Becky Robinson

I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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What People Are Saying

  • Every series an ebook (.99 on the Kindle) . . .
    Every post title in a category part of a Slideshare presentation . . . Comments as testimonials . . .

    Case in point: Becky Robinson, you are brilliant. We all get smarter because of you. Thank you!

    • Mike,

      What a fantastic idea! I think your comment is the first testimonial I’ll use on the website for the 12 Minute Social Media Playbook product. I absolutely love it! You made my day!

      • I’m honored, nay privileged, nay blessed (and doesn’t it begin and end with such:-))


  • I’m copying my comments on other people’s blogs. Oftentimes my thoughts are seeds for future blog posts. I also copy the hotlink to the original blog post so I have the context to my comment.

    Once again, you’ve given me more to think about … and something else to do.
    Always good stuff!

    • That’s a great idea, Beth!

      I am always glad to give you food for thought.

      How comfortable are you with using video? I’d love to see a video blog from you!


  • That’s so cool, Becky! I’ve just started doing videos for clients and it’s NOT as easy as some people make it look. A friend suggested I try Pro Prompter on my iPad2. It makes me more comfortable with my script, let’s me look into the camera while explaining my points, and keeps me on track! Gotta try it –



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