Without a doubt, people around the world today are thinking about the events of September 11, 2001.

It is early morning on the east coast of the US, and already my Facebook stream is filled with remembrances and prayers for families of the victims of the attacks on 9/11.

I am sure that the topic will trend on Twitter today.

In real life, people will hold prayer meetings and vigils. My daughter, who is in 6th grade, has been encouraged to wear red, white, and blue today. She has no personal memories of the day; she and her peers, far too young to remember, are aware of and attuned to the significance of this day.

On the day of the attacks, two suitcases adorned my bed. I had been set to fly to visit my mother the very next day so she could meet my daughter, tiny and new at two months old. Instead, I spent the day, with the rest of America, watching the reports in horror and disbelief,  fearful about the future. I held my daughter close all day, praying,  grateful that my family (including my brother, who lived in NJ at the time) was safe.

On days like today, it makes sense to use the calendar as a guide to social sharing.

If you have something meaningful to share about a significant day (large or small — from Labor Day to Christmas or Mother’s Day), plan ahead and add those important dates to your editorial calendar. By doing so, you may spur creativity, doing the work before the work, thinking about what you share before you share it. Invariably, those thoughtful posts will have more resonance and impact than spur of the moment updates. Look beyond universal dates and holidays to dates that hold special meaning for you personally. For example, you may want to write about your own birthday or anniversary or celebrate the anniversary of a momentous business milestone (your book launch, for example).

photo credit daniel moyle

Today’s Tip: Add Significant Dates/Events to Your Editorial Calendar

Take some time today to look at your calendar through the rest of the year. What content might you create around holidays or other dates that hold meaning to you personally? What dates are important to your business or industry? Add those dates to your calendar and brainstorm a few ideas about blog posts or other social media updates you might prepare in advance. How could you write about your topics in a way that is new, fresh, and helpful to others?

Tell me something! How do you use the calendar to inspire creative for your blog? Where were you on September 11, 2011? If you are posting on your blog about this significant date, please share your link in the comments.

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