If I’d known there would be no internet access on this 4+ hour flight, I might have come better prepared to work offline.

I wouldn’t have come, as I did, eager for an extended stretch of uninterrupted work time (online).

I have a constant battle with my email inbox, and flight time is the perfect time to catch up on email and clear it out.

I’m headed to two and a half days of meetings and you can bet my inbox will fill up quickly. I would have liked to empty it out first…

Had I known there wouldn’t be internet on this flight, I wouldn’t have promised clients/team members that I’d be online working.

I certainly wouldn’t have made myself the point person on completing a task on deadline.

So, here I am.

Nice that there’s a movie playing, but this is work time, not play time.

I sorted through a pile of papers, notes that have been accumulating on my desk = WIN.

I typed them into a to-do list = WIN.

I typed some other random notes, thoughts I’ve been exploring as I seek to identify the 4-5 values I’d like to guide my business  = WIN.

Now I have several more hours to fill on this cross country flight — and no internet.

I do have a book I’ve been wanting to read.

I do often lament that I don’t have time to think.

But what I’d really like? To buy a pass to gogo in flight and get some work done before my busy days of meetings begin.

I know I’m whining.

Whine, whine, whine.

When did in-flight internet become an assumed service? How did we travel for business without it? How can I spend the remainder of this flight productively?

Tell me something! How do you spend your flight time? Do you assume that you’ll have in-flight internet, or do you come prepared to work offline?

Photo Credit: Kristoffer via flickr