What to Tweet and Where to Find It

What to Tweet and Where to Find It

If you have been following my tweets lately, you may have noticed an interesting shift.

Over the past few weeks, I have become more disciplined and consistent in sharing valuable content with my communities, thanks, in large part, to a new tool I’ve discovered called the Aha Amplifier.

One of the common questions I get from clients, especially ones who are new to Twitter is: What should I tweet?

I have written many posts over the years about Twitter, including an answer to the question of what to tweet, the importance of gathering “tweetables” from your book, the right length for a tweet, and the importance of using a 3rd party application (my favorite: Tweetdeck). I’ve also shared that my favorite tool for scheduling tweets is Buffer and that I believe automating some content on Twitter is important because it frees you up so you can show up in powerful ways online.

I also gathered many of my best tips in an e-book, 31 Days of Twitter Tips, available on Kindle. Because I always want to add more value and learning for you, I am happy to let you in on the powerful secret tool I’ve found to help me become more successful on Twitter, the Aha Amplifier.

The Aha Amplifier + Buffer = Greater Leverage and Influence for ANYONE who wants to add value on Twitter. 

The Aha Amplifier contains more than 13 thousand powerful tweets, contained in 92 Aha Amplifier books (with new titles added daily — priced from free to $1.99), ready and seamless to share across your favorite social media channels. You can easily scan/read Aha Amplifier books and choose quotes that resonate with you to share on Twitter, instantly. Or, you can add more impact by feeding messages into your Buffer.

My experience so far is that, without question, the tweets I send through the Aha Amplifier are retweeted and favorited at a much higher frequency than other content I share. (If you want hard data on this, Buffer provides amazing analytics when you upgrade to a paid account.)

Why? Because Mitchell Levy is doing a phenomenal job of attracting powerful thought leaders with relevant messages to the Aha Amplifier.

Though still in beta, the Aha Amplifier is the most important new tool you can add to your influence building toolkit.

Ready to try it out? Create your free profile and download one of my two books on the platform: Becky Robinson with Insights from the Top Leadership Authors and Becky Robinson on #WINfluence. (Both are free!)

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I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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  • Sounds like an interesting tool, will check it out.

  • The world is now ‘sound bites’ of information and the Aha Amplifier is the best way to deliver relevant thoughts to your clients, customers, friends, employees, etc. True sustainable success is a habit and it requires us to ‘shift’ our thinking. Business as usual is not usual any longer. Aha Amplifier is an essential blueprint for your success. If you want to reflect your wisdom, share your experiences, and help make Shift Happen…contact Aha Amplifer. You have the tools within you to impart positive change. Aha Amplifier helps you reach your goal quicker.

  • I don’t know, this tool would be a lot more useful if I could load any kindles or epubs I owned into it… It seems like you have to purchase books to use this tool? (Unless you’re satisfied with just their free books.) I love the general concept but I don’t understand the point of limiting the tool’s use to just a few books. Maybe I’m being a little dim and not getting the overall concept.

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