The premise of 12 Minute Social Media Playbook is simple: There are too many choices and too much to do and it’s way too easy to get overwhelmed with all that’s out there that’s there’s got to be a better way to market your business. After all, you need to be marketing your business at least 50% of the time, and if you ask me, everything you do is marketing your business.

So what can you realistically expect to do in just 12 minutes?

LOTS of stuff!

Set your stopwatch for 12 minutes, and try one of these tasks.

12 minutes to make it happen!Basic skill level:

  • See if anyone else is using your name/brand name/username at
  • Start an account on 1 or more of the above social media services and finish your profile with a picture, a bio and a link to your company website.
  • Find 10 blogs in your niche using Google Blog Search (just put in your most important key word, click the links and read those blogs later)
  • Read 1 article and leave a comment on 1 of the blogs you just found

Intermediate level:

  • Come up with the idea for your next 5 articles
  • Find and purchase some cool images at for your best articles and revise at least one of them to include an image.
  • Find the guest posting policy on one of your favorite blogs in your industry and begin an e-mail (save it in drafts) to be finished later with an awesome, original guest post. Make sure you save the link to the policy in your e-mail so you have it to refer to later.

Advanced skill level:

  • Create a 5 minute how-to video showing people how to use your product in a unique way (one shot, no editing, just go!)
  • Create a quick testimonial video for your favorite product or service (one shot, no editing, just go)
  • Write an article from one of the ideas you’ve been dying to write for (no editing)
  • Do a 12 minute interview with someone well respected in your industry
  • Write a proposal to offer a 12 minute interview for someone starting out in your industry (key points and benefit to the person interviewing you is key)
  • Create a guest posting policy (don’t worry, you can revise it later)

My 12 minutes are up. Now it’s your turn!

What can YOU do in 12 minutes?