Clicking the publish button on a new post always requires me to muster both faith and courage.

I need faith in myself as a writer that I’ve written something worth reading.

I share, and then I question: Will this post resonate with you? Help you in some way? Make a difference?

I need courage because I sometimes share deeply, just past the point of what’s comfortable.

I share, and then I question: Is this too much self-disclosure? Has this new revelation crossed some invisible barrier between what’s appropriate to share and what’s not?

I also question: Why am I blogging? Is there value to this discipline of spending my early morning hours three times a week writing a post? Could I accomplish the same goals by posting twice a week? Once?

Here’s a confession, one that won’t surprise anyone: I love blogging. I enjoy writing posts; I enjoy sharing posts; I enjoy the friendships I am making as a result of writing in this space. I enjoy comments and retweets and seeing people share my work on Facebook.

Here’s another confession: apart from the fun of blogging, I am not clear about why I am doing it.

I first planned this blog when I knew my time writing the other one would end. I wanted my own blog so I could continue writing and stay present online. I thought having my own blog would help me find work.

Except this: once I started the blog, I didn’t need work. By that time, I had already finalized the conversations that would lead me to new, permanent employment.

So, I blog because I want to, because it’s fun, and because I enjoy the friendships and interaction I find here.

I also blog to share what I know, to add value to others, to maintain my own brand.

I write with courage and faith.

Tell me something! Do you blog? What are your reasons for blogging? What do you enjoy about blogging? How does writing a blog help you accomplish your goals?