Summer is winding down.

My kids head back to school next week. This week also marks my husband’s birthday (he’s turning 43 on Thursday.) Our family will celebrate the end of summer with a Major League Baseball game — Go Brewers — and some time to connect as a family before we send all three kids off to school for the first time. (Yes, my baby is entering Kindergarten!)

So in just a few days, the month of August will be a thing of the past. Gone with the month will be the opportunity to download the 31 Days of Twitter Tips e-book for free, so consider this your friendly reminder that you only have five days left to take advantage of this opportunity!

I’ve heard from many people who have downloaded, read, and started implementing the Twitter Tips, and I can tell you – it’s making a difference. One of my favorite things about the 31 Day Challenge has been meeting and making new friends on Twitter.

I love finding reviews of the e-book by folks I have never meet, and reading about how it is changing their Twitter experience. This was exactly the hope that my team and I had when we set out to share these tips with the masses.

The tips found in 31 Days aren’t just good in theory, they are practical, put-to-the-test ideas that  my team and I, have been implementing over the last year, and we can tell you from personal experience —  they work.  But if the feedback on Twitter and other social media sites is any indication, you don’t have to take my word for it!

If you’ve already downloaded the e-book, would you take a few minutes to tweet, blog, or share your favorite Tip? We created resources to help make sharing 31 Days of Twitter Tips as easy as possible, so take advantage of them, and use these final August days to learn something new about Twitter and share your experience.

Our original goal included sharing the e-book with 1000 people this month. With 5 days to go, we are nearly to the half-way point. People in nearly all 50 states have downloaded the e-book. We’ve also seen downloads from around the world, on nearly every continent (not Antarctica!).

In September, you’ll be able to buy the e-book on Kindle and it will continue to be available at for purchase.

Tell me something! Have you taken the 31 Day Challenge? What is your favorite #12MinuteTip?