Using your list of blog topics, generated yesterday, choose a topic for writing today. (Didn’t spend 12 minutes brainstorming yesterday? Do it now!)

Today’s tip is designed to help you push past any resistance you have about blogging.

Sometimes, starting a post is the most difficult part. Once you start, you’ll want to finish and publish.

But you MAY have a mixed up sense about how long it really takes to write a blog post. You may think that you spend more time on each post than you actually do. Or, you may think that you need to spend a lot of time. My opinion: A Good Blog Post Doesn’t Have to Take 2 Hours.

In fact, I think you may, in time, be able to write some blog posts in just 12 minutes.

Join me for today’s tip and try it!

Today’s Tip: Write for 12 Minutes

Plan for this tip in advance, so you have time to think about what you want to write. Look at your list of topics — now — and think about the topic you’d like to write about today for a few hours as you go about your other work.

When it is time to write,  eliminate as many distractions as you can. Turn off your phone, close other browser windows, and shut your office door. Open a new blog post. Choose a topic.

Then set your timer for 12 minutes and write.

When the 12 minutes is up, review your progress. Did you finish a post? If not, finish now, if time allows. If you are out of time, save your draft and return to it for another 12 minutes later.

How will you use your 12 minutes today? I’d love to hear about your success with this tip! 

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