Month: January 2011


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Not long after I settled into my favorite chair this morning, an old friend started a conversation on Facebook.  New friends started conversations on Twitter.

My day crossed theirs in the weird hour that’s not night and not morning. As their Saturday night ended, my Sunday morning was beginning.

And we found a place to connect.

Real, authentic connections are powerful.

In order to make authentic connections, we need to be intentional.

We »

These Are The Moments

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Have you ever experienced setbacks, encountered challenges, or failed miserably? Struggled, made a poor choice, or taken a wrong turn? Said words you regret, missed an opportunity, wasted time?

Do I even need to ask?

If you want to lead yourself and others you need to keep life’s troubles in perspective.

Tonight I got a phone call from a friend I’ve known for a long time.

She shared a struggle, one I could »

Building Community Through Negativity

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A good friend and co-worker once told me: “If you don’t complain about your job you don’t care about your job.”  My friend also believes that sarcasm is the highest form of humor, but there was meant to be a kernel of honesty in his words.   So in the same spirit, I write with just a flavoring of facetiousness.

Nothing brings people together like sitting around and griping.  Common enemies make for tight friendships.  I »

My Best Ice Cream Recipe

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On Sunday in my Use Everything post, I invited you to daydream about finding ways to use all of your gifts and talents. I mused about creating a blog about leadership and ice cream recipes.

For today, I am going to use this space to share my best ice cream recipe, just for fun.

I don’t think, though, that using everything means using everything at once, or everything all in once place.

Instead, using »

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