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Featured on Friday: A Leadership Kick in the Ass by @btreasurer

Featured on Friday: A Leadership Kick in the Ass by Bill Treasurer

What makes a great leader? Some say it’s success, money, fame, or recognition. Well, on a deeper level, a true leader is someone who can rise above their mistakes and grow in those moments. It is easy to find a book with guidance on how to become a great leader, but growing through your mess-ups is a topic rarely covered in the leadership world. Until now…

In his new book released on January 16th, our »

Featured On Friday {Fanfare}: New Website for @MarkDYoungblood

Featured On Friday {Fanfare}: New Website for @MarkDYoungblood

The Weaving Influence team values our partnership with executive leadership coach Mark Youngblood, and we are thrilled to showcase the new website that we’ve designed and developed for him at

Mark’s message is one of hope and possibility – specifically, that everyone has the power within them to create a successful and fulfilling life.

Mark Youngblood

Mark Youngblood is a lifelong student, teacher, and facilitator of Inner Mastery. His life purpose »

Will Live Video Save Twitter?

Will Live Video Save Twitter?

Twitter has been holding on for dear life for more than a year now. You can find article after article claiming the end is near. Even Donald Trump, possibly one of the most active Twitter users, left the social platform out of his tech summit — a snub that further demonstrated the hard times the company is facing.

Those who love Twitter are looking with hope to the newly rolled-out Twitter live video. Twitter live »

Featured on Friday: The #FiveThieves by @DrJohnIzzo

Featured on Friday: The Five Thieves by Dr. John Izzo

Welcome to 2017! It’s a New Year, and quite possibly a new you. With each ringing in of the New Year, we all hope that this will be the year things will change. We will finally get the dream job, lose the extra weight, make more time for our families- we will finally find true happiness.

Think about it, isn’t that what we all seek? Our basic human nature urges us to find a sustaining happiness, »

Reflections on 2016 at Weaving Influence

Reflections on 2016 at Weaving Influence

If I’m super honest and vulnerable, I’ll tell you that I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in leading Weaving Influence this year. Unexpected staff departures. Client projects that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Times of doubt and wondering.

Despite a few setbacks, we finished the year strong and are set for an even stronger 2017.

Here are a few important observations from the year:

So much of what we do is »

The Year in Social Media

The Year in Social Media

What a year it has been! Social media has gone from a way to connect with old high school friends to the top driver of news coverage in the world. If people need to know something, they are turning to social media platforms first. This means social media is the place to establish a new brand, or develop thought leadership, like never before. Just ask Chewbacca mom, Donald Trump, and all those people who snapped »

Featured on Friday: The #FiveThieves of Happiness Quiz

Featured on Friday: The #FiveThieves of Happiness Quiz

This time of year, most people’s thoughts turn towards happiness. Some, because they feel so over-the-top happy (there’s a reason why we have the saying “happier than a kid at Christmas”). Others, because they feel so un-happy.

Let’s talk about that second group for a few minutes. Would you consider yourself unhappy, not just in this holiday season, but with life in general?

Happiness can become a full-time grinding job if you think you have to struggle so »

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